We are a strategic project development and innovation company helping businesses and organizations with structural development, public relations, strategic marketing, transformation management, and logistics. Our mission is unblemished. We coordinate a diverse talent of creative minds to unravel challenges, cultivate mitigating strategies and drive transformation process. As creative outfit, we customize client services through facilitating technical partners for special projects and corporate communication ventures.

Organizational Competence

Our employees and partners are a composition of creative people from a diverse service disciplines. Our services center on excellence, swiftness, and accuracy.


Citywide, state, nationally, and globally, AIX has facilitated all scales of events. AIX event management entails systematic application of project management to develop and manage various events, including festivals, symposiums, fares, and conferences. We handle logistics and coordinate with the necessary vendors to ensure each event resembles a phenomenal production. All moving parts are carefully orchestrated to create a masterpiece.

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