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Public Relations

Public Relations entails strategic information conception and management between or among individuals and entities. AIX understands this language. At all project capacities, AIX serves various individuals, entrepreneurs, businesses, government agencies, and organizations –profit and not-for-profit. Public Relations operations transcend press releases. AIX is a brand formation, development and transformation agency. We specialize in customizing integrated public relations and digital marketing actions to serve our clients. We create brands; we improve existing brand; and we revive dead brands. We develop and launch strategies and campaigns to grow audiences. Our service delivery niche is unmatched. We have a reputation for connecting clients to targeted audience. We create partnerships for project development, and develop appropriate machineries to align them with projected goals, objectives, mission, and values.

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AIX engage in expert-advising schemes to create, sustain, or execute integrated projects and services. We strategically create channels for business development to support individuals, organizations, and developing countries or regions in need of infrastructure development or technical partners which would significantly impact their local communities or workforce development. We work with various clients and projects that requires strategic management and technical partners. The goal is to help clients attain their objectives, execute projects, and improv performance.

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Communications Management

AIX takes Communications Management ventures personal. Systematically, we are equipped with a state-of-theart information and communication management system to plan, implement, monitor, or supervise of all channels of communication in serving our clients. We manage and implement internal and external communication systems, as well as investor and customized operations. We keep our clients on track in providing a consistent flow of communications to or within their target audience.

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Creative Solutions

Creative Solutions accumulate valuable ideas to tackle challenges and problems. Driven by challenges, AIX handles various projects that require solutions beyond the standard setup or timeline. Our engagement is intense and redefines problems, catalogue opportunities, generate new but innovative responses and solutions, and execute action. AIX understands the intellectual practice of creating solutions. This process requires more than just knowledge and thinking. AIX prides a competent team of strategists ready to diagnose operations, implement strategic need assessment and create effective solutions to solve existing and forthcoming problems.

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Event Management

Citywide, state, nationally, and globally, AIX has facilitated all scales of events. AIX event management entails systematic application of project management to develop and manage various events, including festivals, symposiums, fares, and conferences. We handle logistics and coordinate with the necessary vendors to ensure each event resembles a phenomenal production. All moving parts are carefully orchestrated to create a masterpiece. Some of our past ventures include:

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